Thursday, September 3, 2009

Double "O" Trail...


The "O" trail, where live roots suddenly reach out and grab you......
Ran a double loop of the O trail tonite as a training run, not top speed but proabably 85% or so because of the speed work last night. I ran with my daughter, her boyfried(also my friend) and Deacon the trail running dog (boy can this Puggle run the trails!)

It was actually quite an enjoyable run and I think I am finally starting to get familier with the terain. I had enough energy to jump some of the rock crops and sail over downed trees. Most important....there were no bugs!!

4.8 miles
heart rate 130-146


I thought this was cool as I came out of the woods at Pineland, it looked like the moon was part of the road lamp.

Again I ran my track workout at pineland. The funny thing was that I had planned to skip the intervals and just run a 5 or 6 miler at good work out speed. Well after the first two miles, I was feeling pretty good and decided to do the intervals also.

Track: 2 miles @85%, 8x400 sprints at 110% with 100 recovery, two miles @85%.

I knew the 400s would probably be irratic as there were many ups and downs on the back trails of pineland, but it actually worked out pretty good. I am sure it was much more of a workout than I would have gotten at a flat track.

2.08 miles @18:45
9 minute pace ...146-157 heart rate

half mile easy recovery...10:56p 133-151

400...9:05p...153-163(mostly uphill)
400...8:18p...152-164(more uphill)
400...6:55P...150-178(mostly downhill)

2 mile@ 20:14...10:07p...140-157

Total including the 100 recoveries between the sprints 7.2 miles


middle.professor said...

Great O trail run Kevin. My 3rd time on that trail (run last saturday with the TMs) was, indeed, a charm. I also like doing intervals on trails, but tend to do longer (1000-1600m) than shorter. A potential problem is the pounding on the downhills, particularly steep ones like the rollercoasters at Pineland. And good eye on the lamppost.

sn0m8n said...

Double O?!?!?!? That just ain't right.