Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indications of Spring

I know it is close to spring when I plan a run after work and end up bringing four shoe choices because I have no idea what the conditions will be. It doesn't help that I have not even decided where I am all depends on the day and how things go.

 I have my screws shoes in case things freeze up and I suspect ice, I have the inov 8 212s if things are not icy and I run the trails at Bradbury, I have the brooks Casscadias in the slight chance that I make it to back bay and I have the New balance minimus because it could be wet, muddy and I may want to run light and sock less.

 I really need spring this year, I have had a lackluster winter with very little trail running and quite honestly more excuses than a teenager (though  there have been many justified ones). The few times I have made it out there, I loved every minute of it....problem was getting out there.

 I am waiting for an "a-ha" moment when the fog lifts and I finally discover how to make my schedule and the demands of others work in my favor. I think the freshness of spring will help me....also bringing longer days.

I ran at Bradbury Tuesday night and though the run felt good, the trail conditions were not all that great. It seemed to be a chore to negotiate the soft melting snowmobile trail. I spent much of the time thinking about normal trails with no snow and how nice it would be.

 I need to get out of this funk and spring seems like the perfect catalyst.  I am totally done with winter......

Tuesday run

5.7 trail miles @1:02:41 (11:05 pace)


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Sparkplug said...

I'll be happy when the snow melts away to mud and dirt too... This in-between with postholey, undermined snow is tough for sure!