Friday, March 29, 2013

I promise Not To Complain About Running ---and my lack of it!

Did you ever have one of those runs that was just plain perfect? I don't mean in the training sense where certain goals are hit and the pace or distance was more than expected, I mean just plain Zen like.

Well I had one of those yesterday. I hit Bradbury not knowing what to expect because of the no run week, the sore left calf and the probability of ice.

I decided to hit the mountain with no expectations and no real goal --other than get in a much needed run. Not  just because I haven't run all week but more because I needed a good stress relief and to connect with nature.

I was a little worried about the calf but was pretty sure it was more speed related and if I just take it easy I would be fine. Turns out I was right about that and though I could feel it, it never shut me down like last Sunday at back bay.

I expected a lot of snow and ice but found other than the hill on the boundary trail, it was pretty good going. I ran the perimeter and threw in Lunch break hill. I was surprised how comfortable I felt and the hills didn't really bother at all.

I hit many good spots of snow less trail and it felt great. I think I smiled the whole run and when I finished ........well I just plain felt great....I love spring!

OH.....and I got into the BtoB through the lottery system....who would have thought...I never win anything!!

5.2 miles @1:04:03  (12:19 pace)

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chris mcpeake said...

those perfect runs are what makes getting out there everyday so worth it.