Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting excited about Spring

OK.......getting spring fever and have been signing up for races in anticipation of it, but am pretty disappointed I couldn't get into Beach to Beacon. Started at 7am sharp and somehow I got beat by 4000 people. I did get into the Lottery though......so it could happen.

Also signed up for the Bradbury Badass trail series,  Merrimack 10 miler,  LL bean 10K,  Pineland barefoot 5K,  Pineland 25k and the new Tarc Fifty miler, pretty excited about this night race but not sure if I will make it fifty miles. I suspect Jedi will offer to carry me so I have that option if things don't go well.

As far as the training is going, I am still struggling with my schedule. I have not been able to find adequate time to get the runs in that I want. Luckily I have not been on a regular training schedule yet as I am trying to work on base through the winter, but now that it is March, I better get going.

I have been finding creative ways to squeeze in the runs. Saturday it was an early morning road run where I pushed a much faster pace to work harder in a shorter period of time. A trail run would have been preferable but I had commitments.

Sunday I had planned an early morning run similar to Saturday but the morning fell completely apart. I did a lot of running around during the day and glad I thought ahead and brought my running gear with me. I found a window of opportunity in the afternoon and stopped at Bradbury for a nice trail run.

I ran the connector at Bradbury and found there was much more ice than I figured so not having screw shoes, the going was a bit slow at times. I almost fell twice but somehow was able to keep control.

There were a lot of deer tracks which is quite common but after the second bridge I came across some very large tracks that could only have been made by a moose. The concept of running into a Moose was intriguing yet also a bit discomforting as they are so unpredictable.

I didn't end up seeing  any animals but did come across quite a few family groups on the mountain trails......was it secretly family day at Bradbury?

Anyway, I hope to ramp things up in the next couple weeks and start my actually training schedule.

road run  8 miles @1:08:42 (8:39 pace)

trail run 6.4 miles @1:24:34 (13:19 pace)

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