Monday, February 18, 2013

Finally! accomplished a Run

Photo......where's the trail?

Lately I have been procrastinating my way through the week and then falling short for weekend runs. It seems like everything works against me this time of year. Last weekend, the big snow interfered with my snow shoe race. It was sort of a catch 22.......snow...great for the race Sunday....heavy snow, plowing Saturday and work spills over to race for me.

So.....last weekend was a no run situation.  This weekend I had to force the issue and make the runs happen. Finally hit Bradbury at 7am and decided to do a couple hours of running. original plan was to run the connector and return the BL loop which is about 8 miles.

The run started out fantastic with a light snow falling and a very tranquil air. Wore the screw shoes and pretty Glad I did.  A couple miles out, I found not much evidence of traffic and after the bridge, no trail.

I somehow lost the trail twice and ended up bushwhacking for about 45 minutes. I found the trail and then lost it again. The plus was that my tracks were the only ones out there so if I had to backtrack I could feeling lost but good to know I could get back. I crossed my own trail three times which means I was not going straight even though I felt like I was.

I got my two hours in but never made it past the power lines. All and all though it was still a very nice run. I logged about 7.5 miles and still had time left in the day to get some work done.

Sunday morning was a planned easier run on the road, so I could get the run in but still recoup from yesterdays difficult bushwhacking. The wind was crazy and at times it felt like I was not moving when running into it. Accomplished my planned 6 miles.

Finally a weekend that worked as planned (except for the bushwacking).

7.5 mile @2:00  Trail (no trail) at Bradbury (16:00 pace)

6.04 miles @ 59:09 (9:48 pace)

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