Friday, April 2, 2010

Lots Of Ass Dragging & A Little Running


The fantastic weather slapped me in the face all day and I couldn't help but think about my planned run at Pineland after work. In my mind I visioned me flying through the trail spinning up mud and leaving a rooster tail stream of water behind me. I figured a little speed work would fit well with my training this week. I hoped for 8:30-9 min pace for 5 miles which is pretty good on soggy Pineland trails.

Well, my speed racing plan didn't develop too well as I felt very sluggish when I started and the soggy ground sucked the life right out of my legs. Oh......not that it wasn't fun, because it was a great run, just that it didn't materialize into the blazing speed workout I had planned.

My heart rate reflected a workout that on paper should have been in the 8-9 minute pace but instead I hugged more into the 12 minute range. By the end of the 5 miles, I was dragging ass and wondering where my gumption went.

When I hit the road to run back to where I parked, I immediately felt the solid surface and then realized why I was so beat......the road felt great as I pushed off with the toe and I suddenly felt pretty good....that soft ground was the real culprit so I only lay half the blame on my running condition.

On the way home, I kept reminding myself that it is only early spring and there is plenty of running season in front of me, the speed will come.

5 miles @55:56...11:12 pace
.5 mile cool down @5:29....10:46 pace


vja said...

I've missed your posts and now I find two in one day!!!

Pinelands is confusing. It looks so easy....

middle.professor said...

The rooster tail is a fantastic Trail Monster image. Thanks for the laugh.

Sparkplug said...

Glad you got out to enjoy the good weather! And I agree with Valerie, Pineland is deceptively hard running...

RunninRob said...

Though the times might not be where you'd like them, the strength you gain from that slow slog will definitely pay off later. Plus, these types of runs are nice to help get the winter cobwebs out!