Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am A Lazy Blogger!

It seems that I have been neglecting my blog as of late....or perhaps I just haven't been putting the effort into my running that I should, so there is less exciting stuff to write about.

I honestly don't know where I left off and must go back and check before I continue here.......Hmmmn, it has been 11 did that happen? Well part of the problem is I have been on vacation this week and my running schedule has imploded.

I honestly thought I would have plenty of time to run more but instead, I am finding it quite difficult. You see I took this week off to work around the house and I am not lazing around much at all. The days are screaming by much quicker than I planned and before I know it I am exhausted and really looking forward to falling into a deep sleep.

I suppose this should be an easier week as I did step up my mileage last week much beyond the 10% recommended. I finished with a 25k (well it ended up being 14.5) practice run at Pineland with my friend,who I will be pacing for his first 25K in a few weeks.

My mileage though is a bit deceiving because part of it is walking in preparation of knowing I will be using some walking muscles at Mt Washington. I suppose that should count in my weekly totals, but honestly, it feels like I am cheating.

I don't feel I will be ready.....but I always feel that way so I am not sure how important that feeling really is. I know I will make it to the top and I will be happy to finish but will probably not be satisfied with my what's new?

I went to the New Balance factory store the other day because I heard they had great prices and I wanted to pickup a pair of MT100s(advertised to be as close to barefoot running as one can get and still wear an actual shoe).....I tried on on a pair and they sure were very light and pretty darn comfortable but my foot felt a little too unprotected and I could vision twisting my ankle and/ or hurting my feet to the point of affecting my next race.

I felt I was not ready to try this route and ended up buying a pair of 572 trail runners which felt very comfortable and pretty light for a trail shoe. They feel very similar to my Brooks Cascadias and I think I will like half the price I paid for the Brooks!

Now I have to get out there and try them out.....perhaps this weekend at Bradbury or Pineland. Today I am thinking of some hill repeats cause after reading Ryan's report, I feel untrained and lazy. Though I have been running a hill workout on the highest setting of my treadmill and it does seem quite difficult, I think I need to run some real hills.

Quick recap of last week......35 miles of running, walking, workouts and treadmill
This week, so far only five miles at Pineland...more to come I hope.


John said...

If you go out and walk it should count; you are moving the same weight a distance. I know people who count their steps throughout the day with a pedometer; that shouldn't count.

At the barefoot panel discussion I attended a couple of days ago (read my blog) the experts all seemed to agree that sprained ankles go away in minimalist footwear, counterintuitive to what we've always been led to believe.

vja said...

Glad to see your blog at the top of the list for a change! Sounds like you'll be all set for the 25K : )