Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer Running?

Friday night I had this vision of how it would be running Saturday with a friend (probably at Pineland) and having an "aha" moment as the heat from the sun beamed down with the vengeance of summer. Even though I hate sweating, I love summer running. Then I get a call from my friend, he is not going to make it.

Saturday, change of plans and I am stepping out the door earlier than planned and running my local goulash trail run. It was too early to catch up with the Trail Monsters at Pineland plus the early start will allow me 8 miles or so and still give me a jump start on the busy schedule today.

OK....I step out the door and it is 40 degrees, foggy and overcast....What the H???
My visions faded as I realized the sun was just not ready to join me on the run. I was a bit under dressed but figured I would warm up as I hit the hills and besides, I was just too lazy to go back inside and add a couple layers.

The run went well and I felt like the training was falling into place, I ran a couple minutes faster than last weekend and I was feeling much stronger. It wasn't until I finished, that the sun finally decided to break through the clouds ....kinda late but I'm not complaining.

What I am complaining about is my year so seems my word lately is "Didn't"
I didn't get in my long runs for base.
I didn't get in my normal snowshoeing.
I didn't run more than 12 miles in in a winter Fatass.
I didn't end up running the Irish Rover (again) I actually didn't run any races.
I didn't get into the Mt Washington race (though I do have a second chance)
I didn't lose the weight I a matter of fact, I ended up looking fatter as the ab workouts caused protruding muscles that forced the layer of fat over them to stick out even further.....what's up with that? I looked better before I tightened up these muscles.
I didn't train well enough to run the Pineland 50 mile, 50K or actually 50 anything.
I didn't get a raise
I didn't get a bonus
And...I didn't win the lottery.............

Now before everyone begins to think I am a whine ass.....

I also Didn't....lose my job.
I didn't finish the winter with any injuries.
I didn't miss out on the Beach To Beacon this year...(yes I got in even though I said I wasn't even going to try)
I didn't go more than two days all winter without getting a run in.
I didn't have my normal mudhole in the driveway this year.
I didn't have any where near as much spring cleanup as normal.
I didn't get a leaky roof from ice buildup this winter.
I didn't go one day without eating.
I didn't give up on anything I tried.

After all that, what does my ranting actually mean for the summer? Well nothing really, there is plenty of time to tone up, train and run some great races. Not running a 50 miler this spring means I might be in shape to run one this fall.
Stepping down to the 25k at Pineland allows me the opportunity to enter the new 5k trail race the day before.

I guess everything evens out and lost opportunities may close one door but they also open new doors. I have the luxury to be healthy enough to enjoy whatever endeavor each new day brings me....what more could I ask for? .......well except for winning the lottery ....just think of the people one could help.

Saturdays stats:

8.5 miles (mostly trails and plenty of hills) 1:22:38 (9:44 pace)

10:10.....150-163 (oakhill..huge)
10:40.....147-157 (town forest trail..hill)
10:51.....145-156 ( mostly flat, don't know why I ran so slow)
9:50.....142-154 (hills)
8:54.....147-152 (no kick today)

Sunday(no run)....driving all day (it seems) down to Mass for easter.


middle.professor said...

well done!: "I didn't go more than two days all winter without getting a run in."

well said!:"I didn't go one day without eating."

Ann said...

Good one Pathfinder!


Laurel said...

Nice post.