Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feeling "spring like" Anticipation

I started this post on march 25th and somehow never got past the picture. It is now the 29th and I finally got back here to post. it's not that I have been too busy so much as it just hasn't been convenient to sit down and write. At this point I am having trouble remembering where I left off and I am too lazy to go look.

What I can say is the spring bug bit me last week and I just couldn't stop thinking about trail running...... not that I didn't run trails this winter but something about a warm ray of sunshine peeking around the trees that lifts my spirits.

Not only that, but this winter has been a bust for me as far as running long distances go. I think my longest run was only 12 or so miles. This causes me to regroup my thinking about the Pineland challenge. I plan to scale down to the 25K and pace a friend who wants to run it for the first time.

On the 23rd I did my weekly treadmill hill run at 10% grade. I put in 5 miles total, 4 of it at 10% steady and 0ne at 5% easier. I would rather run the hills outside but I can't find one that is steady uphill for that distance.

The hill runs along with the (almost) daily ab/weight workout should start to get me in somewhat of a Mount Washington shape...assuming I get in. Will find out within a few days.

On the 25th I hit Pineland for a great trail run workout and I sure felt it! I must say, pineland always seems to be tougher than my brain thinks it will be. I ran a mile further than the week before at a slightly faster pace, so at least I can see the results progressing.

Saturday I call a cardio workout day because I spent the day helping my sister move......what a lot of furniture she has! I definitely felt the workout by night time. I knew the old muscles would feel it Sunday morning on my trail run.

A change of plans and by 8:15 Sunday morning I was running back bay for two loops instead of the trails. I guess I will never be called predictable. The back bay run was actually quite tiring as we kept throwing in little spurts of speed and my legs were screaming at me to stop it.

It felt good to work on speed a bit and back bay is a perfect place to do it. Overall, a pretty productive week. I am looking forward to the predicted warm weather at the end of this week, it almost makes the rain today bearable.


Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

Kevin, not sure if I can do Pineland 50k without getting divorced but the 25k might work. What pace are you running it at?


middle.professor said...

Even though Mt. W didn't work out this year the hill workouts on the treadmill will make you stronger for Pineland. 5 miles of hill is a tough workout!