Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Are My Chances?

I have wanted a chance to run the Boston Marathon since I started running 8 years ago. I figure if I wait until I am 99 years old, I will probably be able to qualify.
I am pretty sure all runners that age are just handed an entry number no questions asked. Qualifiying is being able to walk 26 miles.

Well, I may not have to wait that long. I entered a lottery to win a slot for 2010.
What do you think my chances are? I know it is a long shot, but I fear without some real strong luck, I will never have the opportunity to run Boston.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking.....lottery..right? You see I have bad luck with percentages, if I am givin a 50/50 chance, I will pick the wrong answer 100% of the time. I never get in the right line, wether it be the checkout at the store or the tolls on the highway. When it comes to names out of a hat, I think my name is always written in invisible ink.

My chances are nill yet I still have a glimer of hope....deep down inside I am thinking, perhaps this will be different, maybe my luck will finally change, it could be my time to win. Of course if I do win, I will still have to pay the $250.00 entry fee...I should start saving up this week!

Ran the 2.5 loop with Mrs. Pathfinder. She was bit tired as she had already worked out after work (something called Zumba). Still though she ran negative splits which shows she is getting stronger as a runner.

2.5 miles @28:18 (11:20 pace)
12:05....124-134 (long hill)

As you can see by my heart rate, the hill was actually a rest for me.It was tough for the mrs. but she recovered good.


Ran Tempo at pineland east side then an easy run after.

4.1 miles @34:33 (8:26 pace)

8:10...154-161 (hill)
7:59...160-162 (kick@7:40)

2.2 miles easy @24:48 (11:16pace)

Suprisingly it didn't rain like the weather forcast said but the air was quite chilly. I must say that the 4 mile run was quite enjoyable and I didn't realize I was running at that fast of a pace.

Even though the east side at Pineland is more of a wide X-country course than a technical trail, I still feel quite good when I manage under 9 minute pace there.


Laurel said...

At your age, you would have to run a 3:35 to qualify for Boston. That's a pretty steep standard. A woman your age can run a 4:05, much more do-able for even an average runner. I suggest you invest in a good wig and a lot of shaving cream and enter under an alias... maybe Pathfinderette?

Dan said...

Your luck sounds just like mine.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me you have two chances: slim and none. Either that or start putting in a lot more mileage....

middle.professor said...

$250 - wow! Good luck on the lottery but if you don't get in, at least feel lucky about your when & where you were born. I'm guessing you wouldn't trade that luck with 99.999% of the people who have ever lived.

chris mcpeake said...

good luck.
Also remember if you want to run boston and cant BQ you can always run for a charity