Monday, October 5, 2009

Shattered Schedules

What is it about fall that makes it so hard to create a usable schedule? It seems this happens every year. Perhaps there are reasons other than the obvious but I think there are forces in play that snicker as they change the speed of time.

I suppose the fact that we are hitting the peak of the Nascar racing season, Redsox baseball, the excitement of the Football season, the daylight disappearing faster each night,the many things I need to do around the house as I prepare for winter, All these things play their part in my in-ability to fit every thing in.

I guess I am just not meant for racing in the fall.....I barely have time to actually run! Matbe it all boils down to me creating the excuses I need to make me feel better about not running? maybe it is a subconcious choice?

I did get my cross training in on Saturday as I played in a golf tournement. It was fun yet I would have traded it in a flash to attempt the Badass run at Bradbury. I say attempt as I probably would not have finished maybe it would have been only half bad.

I did enjoy the golfing though and smiled to myself as everyone complained about the rain. It didn't bother me at all...these wussies wanted to quit because is was wet and harder and uncomfortable. It was all of those things, but it also is those difficult times that create a great memory, you need some adversity to burn the whole experience into long lasting memory.

In the end the golfing was a pretty good workout and I labeled it a 2 mile cross train in my almost like going for a run...but not. I know all my muscles felt it on Sunday morning. I couldn't tell if my muscles were whinning about the lameness or screaming for a run. Most of you avid running know what I am talking about.

It was one of those morning, I felt lame and I wasn't sure I wanted to roll out of bed and bang out a run. Sometimes it is just that (a good run) that forces the lameness out of the muscles. I think this was one of those mornings.

I decided to just plan a short 3-5 mile run, hit the road and let my body dictate the pace and eventual distance. It really is a great way to start the day as there was no pressure and I knew I could stop when ever I felt like it(well within reason as I had a lot to do)but I had at least an hour window to work with.

I hit the road with the anticipation of an easy run and decided to run just for goals, no monitoring the watch (though I would still have it running for my stats) Just enjoy an early morning fall run.

In the end it was a lot of fun as I started on the road but darted into a few trails along the way. I wasn't breathing hard and with a little sunshine it would have been perfect. Sunshine was not to be though.

6.2 miles @1:01:20 (9:54pace)
heart rate....139av....154max

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