Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Need Either A Bigger Engine, Or A Smaller Body.

I Want To Be This.........

But I Feel Like This!

Of all the things I could do to, increase my stamina, race better and run stronger, it is my weight that probably matters the most. I have a cumbersome spare tire and a lot of bouncing causes not only fatigue but also chaffing. Since there is no way to buy a bigger engine and searching the internet has not produced an add on human turbo charger, I suppose I will opt for a smaller body.

I have been pretty level as far as weight for the last 4 or 5 years. Only fluctuating 6-8 pounds through winter and summer, but still at least 10 pounds heavier than I should be. I want to lose the extra....what I refere to as my "Wide Load"

In the construction industry we need to obtain a special permit to travel the roads with a wide or oversized load. That is how I feel with my running. Since I can't secure a special permit to allow me a "handicap"(thanks Jeff for putting that word in my head) when running, I must find a way to trim the excess unneeded pounds.

I was down to Florida a couple years ago running without my shirt on and a car full of girls drove by. One had her head out the window and yelled...."euwww, put your shirt on!" They were all laughing.....but I wasn't.

Now, don't get me wrong and don't get A mental picture of a beach ball waddling down the side walk, knocking over innocent pedestrians and blocking traffic. I am not really overweight by todays standards and at work I am actually considered a skinny guy, but for running efficiency I am hurting.

It's funny how relevant things are all depends on what you are comparing to. So, compared to the average fast and efficient runner, I am out of shape and no matter how much hard work I put into my training, I will not reach my maximum potential until I find a way to trim up and shed at least 10 pounds.

I say all this merely minutes after devouring a nice french toast breakfast sprinkled with cinnamon, lathered in butter and saturated in maple syrup (what's wrong with this picture?) Of course I threw it away and ate a peach instead.....YEA......Right!

Now that I have decided to sideline my racing goals and concentrate on my running, I am determined to solve my weight issues......I have all winter to transform into a lean runner that can run shirtless without causing the passerbyers a puke fest.

In my training I feel that if I lose the weight, everything else with automatically fall into place. I know this to be true because I looked back at my history and found that most of my fast PRs were in 2003 (my second year of running) and looking at my success at the time I noticed that I was quite a bit lighter .... about 10 pounds to be exact......Hmmmnnn...that number does sound familiar.

I have been running the roads quite a bit in the last week and I suddenly realized how much harder the surface feels and how the body fatigues much quicker than on trails. I was thinking about ways we could soften up road running when I came across this photo (below) would work and it qualifies for the new "green" movement. We could go green ...literally!

Ok, I suppose I have to leave room for my running stats....

I ran 2.5 miles with Mrs. Pathfinder as a warmup and then strolled off for a faster paced workout.

2.5 miles @27:52 (11:08pace)
didn't get splits
4.4 miles @36:01 (8:12 pace)
8:34....155-159 (hill)
8:32....151-155 (hill)
7:55....156-159 (kick@7:11p)
1/2 mile cooldown.


Another run with the Mrs.
2.5 @28:39 (11:27 pace)
1/2 mile cooldown walk.

I was going to bang out a faster run after but something came up and it didn't happen.


Laurel said...

Runners come in all shapes and sizes. When we were roadracers, my high level competitive friend used to say, "I've been beaten by the fat of ass and the flat of ass," meaning you can't count any competitor out judging them on how fit they LOOK. It helps in some ways to carry less weight, but there is a lot to be said for having strength over speed. Work with the body you've been given, don't try to fight it into something it's not.

mindy said...

Girls in cars in Florida who yell at runners are dumb. Really dumb. Make your first rule "Enjoy running" and the rest will fall into place.