Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Is Here.

I love fall....but I hate to see summer end. I worked the chute yesterday at the Craig Cup X-c race. I sure missed running it. If only I was fast enough to run it and still help as I promised. You see if I came in first, I would already be in the chute area and I then could assume my duties. The real trick would be finding a turbo foot rocket to add that needed speed.

Though I didn't run, I did get a chance to socialize a bit. It is funny how much mare you can connect with others when not running. I worked the chute with Val and her husband Rick......what great people. Though I have run with Val on accasion and I have seen Rick at many races, I didn't really get a chance to actually talk in general.......they are both pretty darn cool.

I had hoped to get a run in but with the leaves falling and the threat of brisk winds, I went home and did the unspeakable deed........I finally covered the pool. BOY did I hate to do that. It means that I have finally given in to the season change .......oh not that I don't love fall, because I do. I guess with the limited sunshine we received this summer I am just plain not satisfied!

The volunteer group yesterday also talked a lot about 50 mile and 100 mile races. I must say it got me pretty excited and I got thinking that I do want to attempt a 50 miler next year. I think I will start planning.


I wanted to run somewhere different today and decided to try Lowell Preserve. From what I heard it was quite nice and I quickly found out that statement was true. I loved it especially the singe track parts. I was a bit suprised though to come accros some very wet areas of standing water. I didn't cross paths with a soul.....though sometimes, that is OK.....I needed some time alone to just bond with nature. I got that today.

I have noticed lately how many acorns are falling everywhere. You know the Indians had a way to extract the bitter toxins from them and found it was a great source of protein.....perhaps we should learn how to do that, with budgets so tight right now, we could use a food that is so plentiful. Why havn't we done that yet? Nothing wrong with free food.

5.3 mile trail run
53:26 (10:05 pace)



middle.professor said...

Val is way cool! Thanks again for working in the chute. It's time for some relaxing fall weekend runs...

vja said...

Hey Kevin, we had a great time working the chute with you, too. We had the advantage of already knowing you were cool thru your blog!