Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sometimes You Wish You Were Swimming

I love running on the trails and accasionally on the beach, but sometimes I just wish I was swimming!!! One just doesn't find this kind of scenery in the woods, though my youngest daughter did have an encounter Saturday at the B to B.

When we returned to our vehicle, my daughter went in the woods......as she came out, she was looking straight at a guy's naked butt! Apearantly he was changing and figured no one would see.....of course I don't think he planned on someone being in the woods.

My daughter and my wife were giggling like young school girls......geesh. They couldn't keep a straight face long enough to tell me about it until after we were driving out of the field.

I'm thinking to myself....come on girls!!! it was only naked guy's butt.....you wouldn't find us guys giggling like that(about a naked girl)...though we might drool uncontrollably at times!!

Did I mention I liked swimming?

1 comment:

Dan said...

Yes, It's difficult for us to giggle with drool on our faces.