Friday, August 14, 2009

I Am Such A Wimp

Again, this is not a picture of me....this is called an air chair which when ridden right does not touch the surface of the water. The fin at the bottom rides under the surface and gives a very smooth ride....once a person actually masters the this picture he has not only mastered the chair, he is in the middle of a amazing is that.

I only post this picture to prove how much of a wimp I have become.... I used to do these things but now prefer to keep all my bones in their proper places....I did however swim some laps Tuesday before surgery and then again Wednesday ......then last night I ran an easy 2.5 miler with some "very dangerous" laps in the pool after....hey there were some pretty big waves in my pool!

For more great pictures of last weekend, go to and see the fun!

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