Friday, August 21, 2009

I Sucked In A New Trail Runner

I might have actually changed someone else's life. My daughter's boyfried who now I consider a running friend has been pulled over to the dark side. That's right he started road running a few months ago (because he started dating my daughter and she is a runner) He was intrigued by our passion for running and suddenly he was bit by the bug.

He entered a couple road races and did pretty good. I guess he made the mistake of respecting my views and desires........He has now been dragged to the trail side of running. I was talking up the Bradbury 9 miler so much, he almost signed up.

It is probably a good thing he didn't as I wouldn't want him to get discouraged right off the bat.....but a 2 month young road runner jumping into the breaker....well it seems that could be hill running overload.

Instead I encouraged him to run a few trails, train for a month or so then do a race....well he has set his eyes on the 12 mile bruiser. OK, I said but I felt he needed to understand what to expect so Wednesday night I took him out to Bradbury east side and we ran about 4.5 miles of the bruiser course and then I guided him into the "O" trail....

He now has a healthy respect for the 12 mile race and I was happy to hear him speaking in a positive way after I dragged his sorry butt out of the O. All together we ran about 6.5 miles so I think he is here to stay because he still talked about running the race.

In the end, whether he survives or we have to send out a search team, I will bare some of the responsibilty ....good or bad! It is fun to watch a new to trail runner begin to understand the nature of trail running, It is fun to see them work harder than they ever imagined yet still be smiling at the end. It feels good to share my enthusiasm with someone who didn't understand it....but now does.

I fear he will never be the same, yet I embrace the concept of showing a new runner the wonder of the trails...........surely he will never again be able to pass by a wooded area without feeling the draw, the need growing inside him to pull over and disappear into the underbrush, maybe never to be seen running on the road ever again..

I changed the course of someone's life and feel I should be laughing in a slight histerical way as I drag one leg and bask in the glory of bringing one more soul to THE DARK SIDE.....

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