Friday, June 26, 2009

Trying To make Sense Of things


I didn't have a great run today at Pineland. In my mind all day I visioned the fun I would have running with the sun out and fairly dry conditions. It was so exciting to think about and of course in my mind it was so easy and comfortable.

In realism, when I hit the trail, I did not feel that great, I started becoming winded very quick and my legs felt like cement posts. Actually my whole body felt tired and was crying for me to stop running.

I forgot the Garmen at work. I have no info about my heartrate, so I am not sure how that was but my cardio felt two steps behind. I knew for sure I was not running that fast and the nano supported that feeling with an average first mile pace of 9:23. I kept telling myself that I would settle in and speed up a bit.

By mile 3 I did feel like I was picking up the speed a little but still felt that my effort level was much higher than my results. I actually stopped and walked twice to drink some gaterade and could feel my body overheating when I wasn't running.

Granted it was quite hot and humid and I did run a pretty beasty track workout Tuesday, but even with that in mind, I should not feel this bad. Originally I planned on 6 miles or so but decided to stop at 4 miles.

I did manage a bit of a kick at four miles and then walked for a bit to cooldown. I went home and swam some very refreshing laps to finish my cooldown. As I was swimming I started thinking about my running and how I have been scheduling it.

I didn't feel completely spent after the track workout and it seems that two days later I should be able to accomplish a fairly speedy tempo run of at least 6 miles with out dying. So what is wrong here? It seems I should be getting better and stronger.

Two weeks ago I had the same experience when running in Yarmouth two days after track. It was a horrible feeling trail run. I felt like it was my first day running after a 6 month layoff.

I have been taking a rest day after each hard or long workout. I wonder if I might be better off to do an easy run the next day to clear out and freshen up the leg muscles. I know Blaine touched on this subject the other day and it got me thinking about my own training.

I guess I will have to experiment a bit and try a few different things. I suspect I just have not found the right combination yet. A few years back (when I was running some very fast times), I ran every day and each run was a race pace effort. It sure made me fast yet I was also plagued with injuries constantly.

I was hoping the 50k training and race would give me a running base to allow me to increase my speed and perhaps establish some PRs for a change without the injuries.
I have no injuries right now so I guess I accomplished that much.

I guess what I need is a race so I can evaluate where I am really at...the LL bean is next weekend, I suppose that will be a good trial.

4 mile at pineland working on hills and core.

7:56 with a kick of 7:47
Total time 36:30 (9:07 pace)

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Laurel said...

Do you make sure you replenish your glycogen stores immediately after a long run or hard track workout? You should take in quality calories right after those types of runs, either in the form of food or in a good recovery drink. I think you will find it makes a big difference if you aren't already doing this.