Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lost Weekend

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning and wonder what happened?.....Why did the weekend go completely different than planned? Friday night I was basking in the anticipation of a long fast road run or perhaps a long Bradbury East run. Either would be a great cap to the extensive track workout on Tuesday and the heavy hill workout on Thursday.

Saturday morning I woke up wishing I could join the trail Monsters for a romp in the Bradbury woods. The sun was out, the air was summer cool and much as I wanted to go running, it would have to wait until Sunday. I was Ok with that because Sunday was slotted to be just as good a day after a slight predicted shower Saturday night.

No....Instead I had to head to my moms to mow her lawn and do some yard work. It went well and we both enjoyed a Dunkin Donuts sandwitch. After the "Mom" visit I geared up and mowed all my lawns....I thought the best thing to do to create an open weekend was to get all the mowing overwith as the week was splattered with rain....I had some damn tall grass.

I had a little bit of time after mowing to cool off at the pool....the sun was extremely hot and floating around the pool was a good choice at that particular moment. Then it was off to my daughters to bring a new mower.....her's died on Monday.

Upon arrival, I found a hay field rather than a lawn. It is amazing how a bit of rain all week mixed with a day of sun can turn mowing into haying! Anyway, I had to show her how to run the new mower and actually found a simple problem with her old one so we tag teamed the lawn with both mowers and did all the haying...what a pile of clippings we had.

I was rewarded with some very delicious peanut butter cookies then headed home from now it was 6:30 pm and the thought of getting a run in this day was dwindling very fast.

Not to worry though as tomorrow (sunday)is another day and even though I have a dance thing to go to in the afternoon, I have all morning to get my run in. I was not dancing of neice was and we we bringing our grandaughter to watch.

As luck tends to kick me square in the face sometimes (the bad kind), My wife was sick all night, I wanted to let her sleep in the morning a bit and my grandaughter was showing up....not to worry I thought, I will wait for her to arrive and then I will get my run in.....besides, it was pouring out and this would give it a chance to clear the weather report said it would.

OK.... I can't blame it all on disrupting events as I really didn't feel like running in the rain today....All right I said it....I didn't feel like running. Why is that so hard to admit? It is not a job, I don't get paid to do it.....why do I feel guilty when I don't get out there?

Yeah, I know the reason...I just feel if I ask the question I might get a little sympathy. So, I somehow found excuses all day and it mostly evolved around the rain.
Funny though, I usually love running in the rain.

Well lunch time came around and I had to eat...then we left for the recital. That lasted for three hours and by the time I got home my energy was wife suggested the treadmill...I said ahhhggg. time kept ticking and I just didn't get off my butt and go.

I was so dissapointed in myself. I knew that this week would be somewhat of a bust as I have surgery on is doubtfull that I will get the quality running I wanted this week.....I should have kicked off an extremel long run this weekend.

I have a new plan though. I will run Tuesdays track workout tonight (Monday), rest on tuesday after the surgery, hope to get in an easy run on Wednesday and then pound out a solid run on Thursday. I will then be back in the swing of things and no harm/ no foul....right back on track...right?

I hope I don't find some lame excuse not to run tonite..Of course I don't plan on it but sometimes (as we get older) we tend to lose energy for no apearant reason....all of a sudden there is no push...just excuses.

I keep trying to convince myself that I should be taking it easy...I deserve some casual time as I trained so hard for the 50k, plus I have had all these surgeries....yet I am reminded how I want to get some speed work in....I want to PR a 10k this summer....time is ticking away and I need to get out there and train.

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