Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Early Track Workout


In lue of knowing I would miss track on Tuesday because of surgery, plus the fact that I wimped out on running this weekend, I decided to hit Greeley track tonite and personally beat my own butt until I yelled out loud..."I'm sorry!"

The planned workout was ladders (200,400,600,800 X2 @ 90% of mile time) For me that equated to 57 second plan? 100% of mile time or 54 second splits.....uggg.

Though it threatened heavy rain, it never materialized so I was able to enjoy the view of the baseball field while running my 2 mile warmup. Being a coach for eight years with my boys, I found myself drawn to the drama of a senor league game unfolding on the next field. I had to hold back yelling out commands as I ran by.

At first I thought it would be difficult to push the pace while running alone but it was just one of those workouts that felt comfortably hard rather than "pushing"
I must admit that doing the form workout felt a bit funny and while skipping around the track I hoped no one would look up from the ball field and laugh.

I not only pulled off 100% of mile time during the ladders, I actually hugged 110% and still felt strong even during the 800s. Being alone, I struggled to allow my heart rate to come down to recovery before starting the next set....I don't think it affected me much though.

After the ladders, I threw in 4 fast 200s rather than the stairs and hill workout planned as there are really no stairs near this track. I decided to push the 200s and see what I could maintain for speed.

I finished with an easy cooldown and went home satisfyed with my performance.

Track workout total, 7.6 miles

2 mile warmup: 16:42 (8:21pace)

200....43(6:24p).....2nd 200....48(6:40p)
600...2:39(6:51p)......600(500)2:18(7:06p) a bit short

4x200(100jog between)
4th(.11)....38(5:42p)12.7 mph peak

cooldown: 1.3 miles(8:49p)

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Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

Nice run, I am jealous. I am trying to fit a track workout tonight if the schedule allows.