Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking it easy with Post surgery

The surgery on Tuesday did not go as planned. I can put up with discomfort, pain and disruption as long as things are progressing forward.....but after this surgery, I am disapointed. They cut into the bone with a brand new laser cutter. First one in Maine....first time it was used. I think the first time is not such a good thing. Now we will wait 2 months for the bone to heal and try again. Oh that was not the excuse the surgeon used but I have been through enough of these to know what is going on.

So, they said no running for a few they not know me? Good thing I got my track workout in on Monday. This is the third surgery in a row that the alarm went off for low resting heart rate of under 50...third time I had to explain that I am an active athelete, my heart rate is that low.

I remember the first time, the nurse went nuts and left the room yelling for the doctor......not that I am laughing because I want a nurse that cares and this one did.
By now it is documented in the chart and they should not be so alarmed.

So... I get home and rest for a few hours. I know I can't run but I offer to ride along side my wife as she finally does her fifth run. I didn't want anything to stop her from continuing the quest to become a runner. I thought at first she would say no as she worries so much about me and the doctors orders....does she not know me? I have to do something.

The short ride was quite nice and at least I didn't feel like I was vegging on the couch. She did well and I mentioned another outing Wednesday afternoon but this time I would run with her.....she said "we will see" I hate that!

Wednesday, my wife goes to work and somehow trusts me home alone.....when she left she said "you are not going to run today right?" Does she not know me? Of course I plan on following orders.

After lazing around for half the day, I am going crazy....the sun is out, it is 73 degrees....OK, they didn't say anything about bike riding, so I geared up and hit the road. I rode easy and comfortable and didn't work too hard until I got to the trails....couldn't help it then. All said and done about 20 miles mostly trails and boy am I feeling good.

I got home just minutes before my wife and tried not to look too my suprise she was all about getting her run in. Well, we suited up and hit the road for an easy 2 miler. It felt great and really was not a problem for me as it was so short and a very slow pace. We actually had a chance to talk a bit and I must admit it was nice.

We got home and I jumped in the pool for a cooldown swim and a few laps....what a great ending for the day. I am surely all rested up and can return to work tomorrow.
Thursday is the third day and I can go back to running again.....boy, I sure missed it!

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Laurel said...

Your last line "...running, I sure missed it" , I can relate! Thank Goodness for that little invention called the bicycle, huh?