Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow--Ice--Screw Shoes---Stress Relief

When I arrive at work in the mornings, it is 4:30 Am and the place is dark and peacefull .....very tranquil. This doesnt last very long and within a hour the atmostphere has totally changed.

The next 11 hours seem like total chaos and by the end of the day, stress
has peaked. This day was a few steps higher than that and I was ready to split long before 4:30-5:00 ( my normal quitting time)

By 3:00 I was fed up with all the crap and planned an early get away.
I drove out of the gate at 3:30 and by 4:00 I was hitting the East side trails at Bradbury.

The air was fresh, the icespikes crunched as I negotiated Lanzo trail the only noise other than the steady crunch was the sound of my breathing.
It seemed robotic in a way as I twisted and turned while following the single track.

I could feel the stress flowing rapidly out of my body as it was gobbled up by peaceful woods. I felt good all over and I didn't seem to be working at all.

Though this part of the trail had very little traffic recently, I had no problem following it without having to concentrate on direction. I fell into a light trance as the crunch..crunch..breath created a steady pattern.

Suddenly I had time to notice things, almost like time actually slowed down. I could see variuos size deer tracks meandering with the trail, somes times veering off and then returning.

I noticed a few different foot prints .....there was a man sized boot print along with dog tracks and the distinct marking of new Balance minimus, also running shoe prints from someone that was surely pushing the pace as the toe off disruption in the packed snow was quite visible.

the only thing that would made this run more surreal would be a feathery light snow floating down through the openings of the trees.....

I loved this run and even though it was relatively short, it seemed to recharge me and rid my body of all negativity.

Bradbury East
About 4.5 miles, 46:28


Sparkplug said...

Sounds like the perfect run!

kZ said...

Live to run, run to live... nice to read anytime someone achieves flow... just bliss. Have a safe storm!