Friday, March 16, 2012

Weird ...and then it was OK

It was a weird day......wanted to run and thought about it all day. Counted down the minutes and finally was able to leave early so I could get in a hour or so of running before dark.

I wanted to run Bradbury type trails but on the way there I was feeling that I just didn't want to put up with the ice like it was Sunday.....all I wanted was nice rooty, rocky twisting bradbury trails.

I dreaded the conditions all the way there and almost re-routed or worse aborted all together. Weird how one can talk themselves right out of things.

Anyway, I showed up and grudgingly changed my clothes, then hit the East side trails, but thinking all along "why am I doing this if I just don't feel up to it?"

Within minutes I am in a totally different world. there are a lot of soft areas and a little icey snow spots but overall very nice conditions.  The roots and rocks were all showing, the mud was in it's glory and the ice was not slippery at much different than last Sunday when I ran here.

Isn't spring GRAND? I think one more week and the old familiar trails will be in full bloom. I even ran a bit of the O trail but somehow got turned around and found my self back at the beginning (still a bit of snow on this trail)

This was a great run and I drove home feeling fulfilled.

OH.....I got into Beach to Beacon, wasn't really sure if I wanted to do it as it is the day before the Bradbury 9 miler, but figured I would try and if i got in, it was meant to be.....registration opened at 7am and was full at 7:04 am.....I think a new record.

6.4 miles @1:18:38

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mindy said...

Psyched you got out there Pathfinder! Looking forward to better trails myself, but they seem to be on their way. Don't hesitate to post your running plans on the Google groups site, it's always more fun to trail run with a friend and helps with the motivation. :)