Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ice Running

I spent all day thinking about getting in a run. I somehow managed to get out early enough to hit Bradbury before dark. I wanted some hill work so I hit the Mountain side.

Last winter I used my Northface trail runners with screws in them for the slippery runs and honestly felt they worked fine. I had to retire them because the heels completely separated and though I tried gluing them, they are just plain spent

On my last run at Pratts Brook I knew I would encounter ice so I decided I needed new screw shoes. I had bad luck putting ice spike in my shoes last year so I didn't use them and had a bunch left over. I figured in shoes that had never had screws they might work better.

I had a pair of New balance 621 trail runners that I didn't use much in the past so I loaded them with the ice spikes. They worked well at PB but I didn't feel they really were that much better than the hardware screws.

Last night brought on a whole new meaning to secure ice running. As I hit the Mountain side, I quickly realized that the conditions couldn't be much worse. The completely ice covered trail had a sheen of running water on top.

This is were the ice spikes really shined. I literally had zero moments of slipping on the ice and felt no danger of falling. I ran my normal stride and these things just gripped.

I had a fantastic run and only wished the dark would have held off so I could run a bit longer. Felt great on this run.

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Jeremy Bonnett said...

Yeah! Love it! Glad to hear you're feeling "great" on runs. The screw shoes have been full on necessity this year. Every time I go out without them I fall on my ass. Not good.