Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally... A Real Running Report.

When I made the commitment to attend the 3rd annual Mockingbird Fatass I had hoped for at least a few laps. That didn't happen this particular day as I only ran one lap. but I can say it was the best run I have had in months.

I missed two Bradbury races and was determined not to miss this run. it was great to see everyone and I couldn't wait to hit the trail.

I read on Vals blog that the terrain was difficult, wet. possibly muddy in places and a fair amount of ice and snow.....sounded like a good mix of "better pay attention" and I worried a little about the ankles where I haven't run much lately.

I hate to admit this because I am supposed to be a hard core trail runner, but I opted to wear my Ino-8 212s today rather than my new 295s because....gulp.....well I am just not ready to get them muddy yet and my 212s were still mud covered from my last run. As it turned out, I didn't hit much mud anyway.

The 212s did a great job as usual and even handled the ice spots (as long as I was careful) I felt great during the run, had good energy on the hills and the breath came back strong after each climb. The terrain was no where near as difficult as I envisioned ( though the deeper snow areas did slow me down a bit)

This run was great....what else can I say. The only difficult part was not heading out for a second lap. I had some commitments to attend to so time was a bit tight, but I left the run feeling great and knowing full well I could have easily run a second lap.

I was pretty excited all day because I felt so good. I really thought that this run would show me how far my cardio had regressed in the last two months with very little running under my belt.....but instead I enjoyed every step of the way I really felt good and could have run faster.

Thanks, Linda, Val, Rick and Gerry for such a great time. I only wish I could have hung around a bit longer.

Started about one minute behind the group
6.2 miles @ 1:07:40


Scout said...

Kevin! So glad that the run gave you a high for the entire day. I only wish I had gotten to visit with you a bit.

Jeremy Bonnett said...

Great to see you out there!

Sparkplug said...

Sounds like a great run!