Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now That's Cold

You know it's cold when the ocean freezes into a wave cliff!!

I know it is still winter and I know I shouldn't be thinking about spring yet.....but I found a site that has the New Balance Minimas available early (was due out to the public in March 2011) so I just couldn't help myself and ordered a pair. I will have them Friday.

I kept telling myself all through the fall that I should just buy a pair of INov-8s and I suppose I still will, but for some reason I like the looks and sound of the Minimus and I've had great experiences with NB.... maybe it's all the hype or even the video I watched a while back, but anyway I will own a pair.......OK Spring, I'm waiting

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Blaine Moore said...

When you are ready to get some Inov-8s, give your business to Ian. He's selling them now.