Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Are Never Really Alone.

This picture to some people represents a lone tree standing there with no fulfilment or purpose. To me it shows a tree living in conjunction with other forces of nature. It is not alone but merely different than the others things surrounding it.

It is no more important or majestic than the solid rock in front of it, the huge ravine below it, the vast rolling hills behind it or the massive never ending sky above it. All these things become relevant when compared to each other in this photo. They rely and need each other to accomplish an identity.

This is exactly how I feel when trail running, whether alone or in a group, we become a part of the scene and an intricate part of the picture. I ran alone yesterday......yet I was far from being alone. It was enjoyable and refreshing.

It was actually track night and my plan was to work on speed while running around a small black strip of soft rubberized tar with about 60 other people. It is something I usually enjoy....yet tonite I couldn't convince myself to show up.

You see, I had a very hectic and structured day at work. It was overwhelming to the mind and spirit. I arrived at 4:30 am and was walking out the door at 5 pm. I immediately realized the very thing I needed most was a spiritual run.

So...I headed to Bradbury Mountain, I changed and hit the East side trails. A slight rain shower rolled across the top of the trees and miscellaneous drops found their way to my body creating a nice cooling affect.

Through the first half of the day as the bright sunshine baked the tar surface outside my office, I envisioned a heated yet enjoyable run through the woods, the rain didn't change my views much as it merely makes the run different, not better or worse.

I haven't been to Bradbury for quite some time and honestly it reminded me of how much I love running there. It is surely one of my favorite and spiritually soothing places to run. Once I hit the woods and started negotiating the trail, my attitude completely changed, I felt recharged and calm.

It was a wonderful workout, so much so that I don't feel I need to be too specific. I merely need to state I ran for about an hour....about 6 miles....worked pretty darn hard and enjoyed every second of it. I went home with a recharged spirit and some tired muscles. I can't think of a better way to finish off a tough day at work.


vja said...

Wow, Kevin. The call of the trail... Great post.

Sparkplug said...

Hurray for the serenity of the woods and the joy of trail running :-) Aren't we lucky to be runners?!

middle.professor said...

Post of the week! And "Call of the trail"... good name for a blog.

chris mcpeake said...

got to love a nice trail