Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Ran Totally Naked Last Night

Of course I wasn't actually naked, but I posted the picture just to verify that vision in your head as you read the title. There are many people who do run with no clothes, I for one would no more want to subject spectators to my nakedness any more than I would want to sing in front of them. There are just some things a person shouldn't do.

What I am referring to is running with no data heart rate monitor, no nano, no Garmen, no electrical mechanism of any kind, just me running with nature at whatever pace felt right at the time.

I ran the last 5.5 miles of the Pineland 25k Trail Challenge course and it was amazing. No where near as hot as I thought it would be as there is plenty of shade on this part of the course.

It felt so good to not think about pace and time and training......I figured this was a perfect time to run free because any running information now, just three days before the 25k trail race is pretty much mute. There is nothing I can do to change my readiness other than over train or injure myself.

Actually this year it doesn't matter as much because I am not racing it so much as running it. I am using this race as continued training for Mount Washington and at the same time running with a friend who is new to trail racing.

I also found out recently that my son is coming up from Boston to run with me. He figured it would make a good long training run for him plus he gets a shirt and the prize of a finish line beer. Honestly I think he just wants the beer.

The first time I ran the 25K here, I totally blew it as I had a great 10 mile race in me ......which was amazing and I felt so good at ten miles when I ran through the commons. After crossing the road, something switched in me and my life became totally miserable for the next 5.5 miles.

My quads gave out, cramped up and almost stopped me from finishing at all and when I did finally cross that finish line, I couldn't force a beer or any food down. It was a great experience though and was a good part of the reason I trained and ran the 50k the following year.....just to prove I could train properly and this time the beer went down smooth, so I know I did things right.

I have two goals this year, help my friend experience the greatness of running the Pineland Challenge and if it works out, beating my previous time. The first of course is most important.

approximately 5.5 miles
about 1 hour or so
The heart was beating,
The sun was shining,
the woods smelled fresh and I felt great.
Then I went home and walked a two mile cooldown with the wife.
Isn't life grand?


Dan said...

Hey Kevin

You got my attention with this post!! Good luck at Pinland this weekend.

vja said...

Love the stats!

middle.professor said...

Are you going to run naked at Pineland?