Monday, May 17, 2010

Strange Week's Schedule I don't know what is happening to my schedule lately but I am pretty sure someone is trying to mess me up. I do not think one thing I planned this week went as I hoped and a good 30 miles of mixed running turned into less than 15 miles.....half what I wanted.

That being said, the 14.3 I did get in were good quality and the only thing I was really lacking in the end is a long run. Of course at this stage in the year, the long run is pretty important.

Monday: I did my morning 1.5 but considered it a rest day to prepare for a tough workout on Tuesday at track.

Tuesday: Had to work late due to problems at work and the whole ended up a bust as far as running or training goes.

Wednesday: 1.5 workout in the morning and then work schedule problems again interfered.

Thursday: Finally, I get a chance to workout and I decide on a 3 mile trail hill repeat. I started with a half mile warmup as I ran to the Town Forest trail which is the trail version of my Oakhill repeats. The only difference is the hill version is a technical trail of about 1/2 mile uphill and a 1/2 mile down hill. after the 3 miles, I ran a half mile easy to the start of the trail.

.55 warmup 5:55 10:41 pace

3x 1 mile:
then easy .53@5:01 (9:18 pace)

Not a long run due to work interference again but did get some speed training

4.57 trail miles @ tempo 44:30 (9:35pace)

Great tempo workout with a speed up to real strong kick at the end. Then a great cooling swim!

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