Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blind Faith

I have entered the lottery for The Mount Washington race, I really hope I get in as I have multiple reasons for wanting to run it this year. One is to celebrate my 54th year on this earth in memory of my dad (who died at 54) Another is to attempt something out of the ordinary that most people can't or don't want to do. In this case time does not matter so much as accomplishing the goal.

One of my best memories was climbing Mt Washington, as a family we did it numerous times. One time we drove all the way there and it started raining......we did the dumb thing and climbed it anyway.

You know, sometimes the dumb thing is the most fun and memorable. I can still hear my mom complaining about being wet and kids went on ahead, there was something about braving the elements that drove us to a greater place of enjoyment.

Aren't the best memories always the times that were most difficult? Isn't the very moment you question your own sanity, the point when time stands still...just for a second. That is the moment that once crossed allows you to experience the most fantastic emotions.

I call that the moment of Blind Faith.....yes crossing that threshold takes blind faith because your whole mind and body is questioning your initial decision. It is the point in time when you let go of your controlled life and allow uncertainty to enter your world.

Once the goal is accomplished, you stand there with a shit eating grin and exclaim, "Now that is the dumbest thing I have ever done!" As you look around, you realize the onlookers are jealous and secretly wishing it was them.

I guess this would be a good time to admit something.....My body hates to run. That's right, if it had it's own choice, it would laze around on the couch and watch HG tv. On top of that, my mind is very creative and can find oh so many reasons to listen to my body.....lucky for me, my soul loves running, it immensely enjoys co-existing with nature and is always coercing this unwilling body to do things it really doesn't want to.

My soul wants to run almost 8 miles up a mountain, my body is pretty pissed about it, but I assure you that once I reach the top, my body (though probably very tired and sore)will be happy I did it...... I just hope I am ready for it.


Laurel said...

I hope you get picked in the lottery! Good Luck!

vja said...

lots of soul in this post. Hope you win the lottery!