Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If Dragging Ass Was An Olympic Event....

My screen is gray and my keys are droopy as my internet connection is clouded by the unfortunate arrival of some bad-ass bug.

I should have known last week end when I "felt" tired and couldn't seem to get a run in. But, by Monday I was over it and ended up with some good runs along with some very strong workouts. I was actually impressed with how fast I sprung back.

I should have thought about it as I was put on Penicillin about a week ago to prep for some dental work.......I know it doesn't seem to make sense as one would think the medication would guard against sickness, but it actually kills the good hard fighting bacteria too.

So... here I am just a few days after bragging about how I couldn't remember the last time I was sick....well I can remember now! I start out pretty good in the morning but by mid afternoon I am dragging some serious ass and the last thing I am up to doing.....is ...well..anything!

It is actually kind of humerous as Murphy's law seems to strike at the most in-opportune times ......Sunday I am Chrismas shopping and feeling like total crap, I get home and stagger into bed hoping that I die relatively soon......and what happens? Well 8:30 pm and the furnace quits.....OK..I can laugh now but at the time it felt more like a javelin piercing me right between the eyes. The best I can do is set up some electric heaters and collapse back in bed.

Monday morning I get up extra early to get on top of things at work before heading home to tackle the furnace. The morning starts well as I find out very quickly that my truck doesn't go too well with only three tires that have air in them. Luckily I have a second vehicle.

Seven hours later and more money than I am prepared to spend, I finally have our house back up to temp only to have the thing work real good for the evening and then decide to act up after midnight and when I am trying to sleep. I think things are purposely designed to break on or after midnight...actually I am sure of it!

One thing I learned as I grew older is not to get too worked up about things beyond my control and also that Murphy really tends to like spending time with me. I think I am his best friend or something.

So, no big deal and I will address the furnace tonite when I get home. I am sure by this weekend I will find the energy to get in a couple of good runs. In the mean time I will quietly suffer with this sickness and try not to bring down the Christmas spirit around me. HO...HO...(cough..cough)..HO.

An overview of last week:


3:00Am morning cardio and weight workout
6:00 pm 5.5 mile hill workout on the treadmill

3:00 Am morning cardio and weight workout.

3:00 Am morning cardio and weight workout.

3:00 Am morning cardio and weight workout.....this is feeling pretty good!
Early warning sign (fast forward to Sunday, the belt was the least of my worries)...the belt on the furnace broke..which made me late for my operation.
5 long hours getting 9 new teeth mounted (long story) Then replace the belt on the furnace...which is now working good (little did I know, the furnace would be back to haunt me on Sunday)
2:30 pm 5 mile hill run on the treadmill

At 3:00 am I am feeling a bit tired and sleeping like a baby, there was no way I was going to get up and workout! Worked all day and decided to call it a "rest day" with the plans of a long run on Sunday at Bradbury.

Am, dragging ass out of bed and feeling a few steps short of a good run.....decided to do an easy trail run of 3-4 miles and call it a day. Ended up running 4.65 and actually beside the fact I was feeling the sickness pretty heavy, I felt better after running. I think the brisk air helped clean out my lungs a bit.
PM...the furnace really broke this time.

I have a nagging feeling rolling around my brain as I should be thinking about 2010 running goals and plans.....yet I can't seem to get past my short term hurdles and immediate concerns....perhaps next week after Christmas has finally past and my schedule is a bit back to normal I will design a plan of all plans and begin 2010 with full intent of being a banner year....who could hope for more?

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