Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back Bay Is A Wind Tunnel!

My week ended totally different than I planned. How often does that happen to you? My mind was set on a tough mountain race at Blackstrap hell. Sure seemed like a great way to end a Thanksgiving weekend.

I found out instead that I am surely not in controll of my own destiny as I not only didn't race, but I didn't even get in a trail run. This time of year seems so unforgiving to me and I am not really sure why.

The week actually started out pretty well with a great cardio/run workout tuesday, a grueling hill workout Wednesday, A tough cardio workout and hill workout Friday, Then in lieu of a trail run Saturday, I elected to run Back Bay twice with my friend Mike.

The thought seemed smart at the time, stay off the trails on Saturday, the last day of hunting season where the desparate may be looking for that last chance to snag a deer, get in a somewhat long easy run to leave something for Sundays grueling Hell race.

The first sign of trouble with my plan was Saturday morning when a gusting gale wind decided to circle Back Bay and continually slam my body with a restriction that surely mimicked running Mount Washington ......so much for an easy run.

I thought it strange that there were not hordes of people running and walking the Back bay route. Once we started running and felt the force of the wind, I instantly knew why. The feeling of running in place and gasping for the oxygen as it was wisped from my mouth by the wind was not what I had in mind and actually the thought crossed my mind to just pack it up for the day.

Instead we decided to at least do one lap and see how we felt as far as a second lap went. I was suprised how hard and solid the trail felt. I hadn't run this in a long time and seemed to remember a softer loose type surface.

After the first mile, I started settling in to a pace but had to double back quite a few times to meet back up with Mike. It is funny, ususally I have no trouble working pace with other runners, but today I kept creeping into a faster pace ....perhaps it was the wind and my mental attitude to try and prove it was not the boss.

Once I warmed up, I actually felt pretty good and embraced the wind head on. Even with the run backs, I gained speed each mile and finished with a pretty strong kick (considering the wind)

I worked so hard during the first lap that I felt I should scale things back a bit for the second and vowed I would stay with Mike this time. Of course I couldn't seem to hold back enough and did circle back a couple times. In the end I layed out a pretty good finishing kick and was finally satisfied with my run for the day.

Sunday was shot in the eye as I had to make a decision to skip the Hell race. What made the whole thing worse is that I was the one who made the decision and could blame no one but myself for the heavy heart.

There was no one to yell at, no one to watch my temper tantrum as I complained about the unfairness of life. Not one person to blame other than me. Is it still a fair excuse when it is yourself? Why do we have to be responsible? Who instilled those moral beliefs in my brain that causes me to make wise choices? Why did my parents have to do such a Damn good job.

I want to be selfish, yet I can't and I wasn't .... so the end result is a missed race and a missed oppourtunity for a great amount of fun. Someday I will retire and have the luxury of time. Yeah...someday.

Week's Workouts

Tuesday: Three mile cardio/and weights
Wednesday: 34 minutes cardio, 3 mile hill workout 10% grade on the teadmill
Friday: 48minute cardio, 5 mile w/ 3 mile 10% grade
Saturday: double Back Bay

1st loop 3.72 miles @34:20 (9:14p)
8:33....149-163 (kick@7:51)

2nd loop 3.59 miles @36:05 (10:03p)
8:28....143-160 (kick@7:35)

Sunday.......no running at all!


Laurel said...

This time of year seems to be hard on me too, as far as fitting in my workouts and runs and fun stuff. Mostly, it is a matter of not having enough time to do everything I want to do (including running, hiking, biking)and instead having to do all those things I NEED to do.

I used to run Back Bay regularly when I worked at Maine Med. I remember how the wind can be there! Running against wind like that is a lot like hill work. Good stuff.

middle.professor said...

Kevin - we certainly missed you at Blackstrap Hell but priorities are priorities. And that guilt in your head is a solid sign that your a good person. You didn't miss much anyway. As I said to Mindy it was really awful; it was, like, 30 degrees and raining the whole time. And the pizza was cold and the beer warm.

pathfinder said...

That's funny Jeff.....it was actually sunny in Auburn and all the race reports reflected a much much grander time than you admit to.......HHMMMNNNN....could you possibly be trying to make me feel better?