Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do I Need A Reason?

I really don't need a reason because I love to run, but my family, work and aquaintances expect it. Should I have to justify my runs? How does one carve up their time and decide what percentage is allowed as personal time? When does a person become a fanatic? I am sure this is a matter of perception and in the eyes of the beholder.

In a household where both spouse's have the same vision and drive, I am sure it is an easy question to answer and the reason does not come into question. What about a situation where only one of the spouses spends all their waking time running, what happens then?

I find without a definate goal or race, It becomes increasingly more difficult to justify setting asside other responsibilties to get in my runs. When I was running shorter distances, it was much easier as I could fit in 2-5 mile runs about anytime.

Training for the longer distances requires much more time and commitment. It is hard to appear sane when coming back from a 2-4 hour run, just for the fun of it. It raises less eyebrows, and gains more acceptance if one can cite a particular race or event that requires this type of training.

That being said and the fact that I didn't get into Boston, I suspect the best thing for me to do is settle on a race or races that will allow me to train with reason. Not reckless abandonment but at least free up some time for longer runs.

I have been toying with the idea of a 50 miler at Pineland, but am not sure I can schedule the time needed to train for it, so perhaps the 50K again might be a better choice. Also there is the Sugarloaf marathon as an option for a spring race to replace Boston.

I think I know what I want but then I get conflicting thoughts as I missed running the road races this year. I want to run some fast 5 and 10ks yet I want to do well in long distant trail races. I love the speed yet dread the crowds in the large road races. I seriously love the trails but can't seem to run them fast enough to quence my "speed thirst"

I worry that I will pick a direction only to find myself wondering if am going the right way. It should be simpler than this. It seems I just can't commit and without that I will not do very well reguardless of my choice.

It seems life would be so much easier if one could ramble through it doing whatever strikes the fancy at that particular time. A free spirit to flow with life paralelling what ever adventure it encounters and ending up where ever it leads.

Reality is in front of me though and I suppose that is where I must focus. Last night I did my new cardio/weight workout and then ran a three mile hill run at 10% grade on the treadmill. If I keep this up, I just might do well at the Mount Washington race (assuming I get in)

I actually enjoy hill training on the treadmill as it allows me to run longer times and distances without a flat or downhill. I wish I had one that would give me over 10% incline though. I had thoughts of setting up a fan so it feels like I am running outside, don't know if that would help unless I added some water or snow to simulate weather. Of course then I would have to clean up the mess. Did you ever notice that there never seems to be a right answer?

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Drusy said...

Kevin, its funny but I don't feel guilty about my time spent running except that the house is not very clean. SO, I hired a weekly cleaner. I know its extravagant, but for the 3 hrs a week I pay someone to clean, that's 3 hours of guilt free running. Well worth it.

I have to say that my husband is wonderfully supportive of my running- or just want me out of his hair so he can work on woodworking projects in his shop!