Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Running.

Bradbury Scuffle....We look so clean here...the mud has no idea what is about to come, it will soon be slapped around by hundreds of unforgiving feet!

Yes, it is true that I actually took my first vacation last week with absotulety no destination. I have never just stayed home for a week and done whatever.....well until now.

One thing I noticed is that I was much busier than I thought I would be....I didn't even write in this blog. I did however get in some good running, a couple races and spent plenty of time lazing around the pool.

I will quickly recap the weeks running:
7-9-09 double 3.4 mile loop at close to race pace with a 1/2 mile cooldown
6.8 miles @56:28(8:19pace)

7-12-09 Bradbury Scuffle RACE. After rainning all night, the puddles and mud were nothing short of exciting. Ian recommended to just power right through the first puddle and that is exactally what I did. I did loose my right shoe in one mud pit but didn't loose too much time getting it and putting it back on.
6.34 miles (garmen) @9:32 pace. .....1 mile warmup @10:16, .75 mile cooldown @ 9:48pace. This race was lots of fun and as usual Ian did a great job. when I got home the cooldown in the pool felt perfect.

7-13-09 In the morning I ran an easy (for me) 4 miler with Mrs pathfinder and she did a great job.
In the afternoon I ran the Pat's pizza 5 mile loop in preparation for Saturdays race and to show a new runner the course. 45:40 --8:57pace.

7-14-09 Trip to inlaws in running today, I left at 5:30am and returned at 12:00 ...yeah midnight! I was quite tired.

7-15-09 Easy 3 mile run in the morning with Mrs Pathfinder(34:16)then swimming laps.

7-16-09 Easy 3 mile run in the morning with Mrs Pathfinder (35:41) swimmung laps then took the mrs to climb the rocks at Fort Williams and show her the finish to the B to B(which she will run as her first race)

7-17-09 Easy 3 mile run bla bla bla bla with the Mrs......(33:59) swimming laps.

7-18-09 1 mile warmup for Pat's RACE @9:24 pace. Ran pat's 5 miler at 38:27(7:41pace) Then .81 mile cooldown. I felt very good racing and my time, though not a PR was very respectable and satisfying.....when I got guessed it some tiring laps in the pool then the well deserved beers.

7-19-09 Easy 3 mile run with Mrs Pathfinder (31:45....see the trend? She is doing better each time) Then lots of swimming with all the company that stopped by....because it was hot and we had a pool.

7-20-09 Damn.....4:30 am came so quickly and it was back to working for a living.

Total miles for the week 28.6 not counting the lap swimming for cross training.
Hmmnn....I think I could enjoy retirement, sure is easier to get the running in.

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