Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Time or "Good Time"


After running my race pace 4 mile workout Friday, I thought perhaps I would have dead legs for the LL Bean 10K. I know....why did I push it that hard on Friday? Well I didn't get to run Thursday and I planned on an easy 3 mile run on friday .....Honestly I started my run that way..nice and easy.

Well one thing lead to another and next thing I knew, I was running close to race pace and really enjoying it! I ran 4 miles with huge negative splits...started at 9 min but average 8:09 pace. During my 1 mile cooldown run I felt just plain great about the run though I did worry a bit about jeopardizing the 10k for Saturday.

My plan Saturday was to use this race race as a training run, so start out at 80-85% effort .... (8:25 pace) then just let the run happen. This would be the first time I have run this race more as a training run than a race. I suspected it would end up quite slow and I would probably be disapointed after the fact.

I definately started a bit too far back as I walked for 15 seconds to the start line then walk/run surged for at least 200 yards. I hate that....I just want to start running.

The first mile felt easy and the conversation was good as my youngest son ran with me even though he was running injured. I think he wanted to justify getting the shoes because he probably should have sat this one out. (yeah we got new running shoes because we were in the first 400 to great is that?)

It is funny how things work out. My oldest son wanted to put up a good time, but he drove from a 12 hour overnight shift at the hospital to the starting line (he did pull off a not too shabby 7 min pace), My daughter downgraded her run to a walk/run because of a sore hip, her boyfriend was running his first race,I was training more than racing and my youngest son had sore ribs....what a crazy group and on top of that it was a very foggy day.

I came through at 7:44, A bit faster than I planned but it was mostly down hill to this point. At mile two I was still feeling very good and even with the hills I averaged 8:09.......again pretty darn good for a training run. I knew the big hills were still lurking out there and was glad I was saving some energy for them.

After mile two my youngest backed off and I continued to pick off runners as I maintained a good pace. I felt great! I don't know how else to describe it. Was it the slower than normal start, The heavier base training this year or just one of those days?

I figured if I could maintain this pace through the big hills, then I would try to pick up the pace in 5 and 6. I worried about the mile four hill though, I remember the last two times I raced this and how horrible it was.

In the end I hoped to be around 50 minutes and anything under that would be great but not mandatory to satisfy me. It was crazy how many people I was passing as I powered the mile 4 hill. I felt strong in complete control and my pace only slowed to 8:14 for the toughest hill.

Miles 5 and 6 were just fantastic as I continued to pass so many runners. I was so suprised how fresh I felt not only after but during the hilly part of this race. As i turned onto Main street, I knew the finish was only a mile or so away and really started picking up the pace.

I turned on the turbo at the 6 mile mark and I swear I passed 20 or 30 people during that two tenths to the finish. I had a great kick and a satisfying finish. I immediately turned around and ran back to catch up with my daughter. I was suprised to find her at the 5 mile mark.....she looked good and was running not walking.

We ran the last mile together and I was able to kick for a second time as I ducked out right before the finish. Not many cooldown runs end with a second race kick....but this felt great.

In the end I didn't have a fast time but I enjoyed this race more than any other time I have run it. It was just a perfect day, a fun race and I really enjoyed it.
It was a GOOD TIME after all.

Friday 4 mile run 32:36 (8:09 pace) 1 mile cooldown@9:12

.5 mile warmup
LL Bean 10K 49:56 net time (8:04 pace)
8:09....151-158..(rolling hills)
8:14....152-155..(long -big hill)
7:55....155-160..(continuing hills)

1.11 mile cooldown with a second race kick...153-158 heart rate.


Drusy said...

Sounds like a great race and better for having your family around! I like starting at the back and enjoy passing people - even the ones that probably slow me down a bit. But if you were passing near the end, you must have been really strong!

mindy said...

Way to go Kevin - awesome race!!