Friday, October 31, 2008

Tough Run

October 30 2008

I thought all day about my run tonite. I knew it would be tough as I just started back up running. This would be my second run and I decided it would be a race pace 5k. Probably not a smart thing but it seems like the only way to gauge how much speed and fitness I have lost.

As it turned out, the temps were quite chilly @ 39 and windy. I was dangerously close running on the treadmill instead but there is really no way to gauge my fitness without mile pace and Heart rate.

I put on a couple layers and forced myself out the door. By the time I walked to the end of the driveway I had aclimated well and except for the chilly breeze in my face I was fine.

My other run five days ago was this same course and I ran a somewhat comfortable but working pace of 8:39. I would hope to be able to beat that by 10 seconds a mile at least.

The first mile felt pretty good but I could feel the cardio becoming quite challenged and hoped I could push it the next two. Mile two is an uphill soft dirt, rocks and debris with a new coating of fallen leaves. Definately a hamper to keeping pace.

The hill took it's toll on my wind and I just couldn't seem to get enough oxygen. I could feel my pace slowing and my mind kept trying to convince me to stop, that I couldn't continue. I tricked my mind by telling it I would stop at the top because I knew if I made it to the top I would be able to keep going.

I did make it and and felt a sigh of relief as I negotiated the rock bed on the other side. The second hill which is tar was much easier but i was still laboring when I crested that one.

I couldn't believe how out of breath I was. I knew I was somewhere around 8:30 pace and normally that would be a relativelt easy run for me. I also noticed how high my heart rate was. At that point I was hugging 170 which is about 95% for me.

Finally I made it past the 2.5 mark and knew for sure I could maintain the pace to end and still accomplish some kind of kick.The thought of how hard this was kept crossing my mind. I wanted to stop but would not allow that to happen.

I crested a small hill and the site of my finish excited my mind....finally I get to kick and then stop. I did alright on the kick, about 6:43 so I was pretty happy with that effort.

In the end I beat the last run by 55 seconds so I felt it was worth it. I was surprised when I checked the Garmen and found out my heart rate spiked to 208 in the first 2 tenths of the run. That seemed odd. I ran a 25:02, a far cry from my best on this trail of 20:59.

After I did a half mile cooldown to catch my breath.

3 mile run
tar, dirt, trail
25:02 splits: 8:11, 9:00, 8:12, (6:43 kick)
8:20 pace

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