Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dog sprints


I origonally planned a decent XC hilly run today at Bradbury. I had an appointment at the surgeons first and was planning to scoot over there after. My daughter took her dog up there for a hike and called to tell me most of the trails were closed.

I ended up being at the surgeons much longer than I planned and with the trails at Bradbury closed, I decided to do a walk with the wife, my daughter and her dog.

We met at Twinbrooks (thought I might cross paths with the Trail Monsters but didn't) Anyway what started as a walk quickly turned into sprint workouts. My daughter's dog, a Puggles, which is a cross between a beagle and a pug, decided to chase sticks and tromp through puddles.

Before I knew it, he had me throwing sticks and chasing around with him. Somehow we ended up runing and that turned into periodic sprint racing. He is quite fast (though I did beat him to the stick a few times), we ended up very soaked and wearing each other out.

This was a great workout and lots of fun. It felt very good on the muscles as I havn't been sprinting much lately. Tomorrow I will get my normal run in at Pineland.

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