Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Long Run

I have been trying to post comments on others blog entry and have not been allowed to.....says my account is not valid?

Anyway, I finally got in a good long run Sunday at The Brad. I started early as I had a pretty busy day ahead of me. I wanted around 3-3.5 hrs on my feet with at least 3 hrs of running. 6am gave me plenty of time and also about 20 minutes worth of running with the headlamp on.

I hit the West side and headed up the Boundry trail. There were plenty of wet, rocks, roots and bridges but the 212s handled everything pretty well. I veered off onto the connector starting relatively slow and trying to settle in.

The first 45 mins seemed awkward and I felt winded but after that the next 1.75 hrs were perfect. The last 1/2 hr showed my recent condition as the legs were quite fatigued and I was anxious to be done.

14 miles  running time 3:09:71  Total time 3:25 or so
4mph average pace but somehow I logged 14.8 mph during the run...crazy

Overall a well rounded run and great training

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middle.professor said...

Nice run Kevin. I wish I could have done that many miles sunday but the heat index at 1030AM (when I started) was way above my tolerance level and I felt like crap.