Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Running

Didn't have much time for a run today but was still able to squeeze in a bit over a half hour( perfect for the minimus shoe). It surely was not long enough. I stopped at Forest trail and ran along the old railroad bed connector to rte 231. Too bad it is blocked off just before the road crossing.

This was such a nice run, the early leaves have started to fall and blanket the trail. That along with the cool crisp air yelled fall big time. It was a very mind clearing and fun run. I need that some days and especially today.

I surprised a small herd of deer that were grazing just off the trail, it was pretty cool to watch all the white tails gliding rather than bouncing as they tried to put a little distance between us.

What was nice about this run was that there was no agenda other than enjoying the short window of time away from the demands of life and just experiencing nature.

3.5 miles @36:40
New Balance Minimus shoe

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vja said...

Though short, it sounds pretty perfect!