Monday, August 15, 2011

Bradbury Breaker no race, race report.

 It seems no matter how well we work schedules, there is always something that will creep up and kick you in the ass.

It is official........I am not a bass bradbury racer this year. It is hard to believe as I would have bet millions that nothing could stop me from running the Breaker. I was destined to PR and quite excited.

Sunday morning, 7am, A bit lame form working on the porch roof but not too worried about the race. The phone mom who had a tooth pulled Friday was suffering from so much pain that she felt going to the emergency was an immediate need.

Ironically, she had already gone in at 3am ( my brother took her) but there was no doctor available so they gave her a shot and sent her home. I am just guessing here but I suspect the shot helped for about 2-3 hours.

Normally if I have something important going on, I get my brother to help out. In this case, I was her only option other than an ambulance. I swallowed the notion that I would be back before the 9am start and I was right as I didn't get back home until 11:30

So.....I missed the race and I am not going to be a badass this year, I guess this means I will really have to kickass at the Bruiser .......I'll bet it was real cool shirt too!


vja said...

Sorry you missed it, Kevin. It is much more important to be there for the ones you love.

middle.professor said...

Bad timing but family first.