Monday, June 13, 2011

Missing The MOJO

This has been a difficult spring for my running......I can't find my MOJO, I want to run, I plan to run.....but the interference is seemingly so severe this year. Is it really or am I just not finding the normal ways to accomplish my runs?

Is it possible that some jokester has hit the fast forward button on me? If it weren't for the pool, my base would be totally gone. I think it is time to access my duties and be a bit more adamant with my running schedule.....time to put the foot down.

I planned on running some back bay races....even have my number (71).......haven't made it there, this is the second weekend in a row that I not only didn't get in a long run, but I didn't get in a run at all (or even get the lawn mowed). I think there is some force out there plotting against me.

Not only that, but this morning was the third day in a row that I went to put on my socks and found a hole in one of them........What the ? Is some gnome sneaking into my drawer and ripping a hole in just one of my socks?


vja said...

Rick almost bailed on Saturday's much to get done. But guess what? He was glad I said the run was more important. I think that time makes you more efficient and, at the very least, happier at the other stuff.

Hope you find a way to get out more. I can't remember the last time we ran together.

Crux said...

Sounds like you need something fresh and exciting to get yourself out the door. Not sure what it is but when you find it nothing will stand in your way man!
Beach run, bike ride, some new trail, a fast hike in the whites?

Good luck

mindy said...

Sounds like you need a little cheerleading:

When I say MO you say JO!


You can do it Pathfinder - one run at a time.