Thursday, June 16, 2011

Falling In Love

I fantasized all day about my planned run. I wasn't really sure as to what trail I would chose until I arrived and changed clothes. I decided on the connector so I could lose myself in the run and not have to think about direction and making turns.....a good ole out and back.

 I realized while running, that I seriously enjoyed this route. I thought back and out of the 10 or so times I ran the connector, I couldn't think of one time that I was disappointed. You know how sometimes it is just a bad day running? Well I have never had a bad day on this route.

I think this will be my go to route when in doubt. It seems to have a little bit of everything that makes running trails fun.  Rocks..roots..breath stealing uphills, fast and dangerous downhills, twisting single track, open fields, two picturesque stream crossing and once you hit the power lines, you have endless choices of direction depending on your need for the day.

One of the best things I like when running this out and back, is the fast downhill finish that makes one feel the speed of a sprint. It was just a perfect run.....It makes me want to use  "the L word"

6.8 miles @ 1:16:56


Sparkplug said...

Glad you had a good run out there! I just ran the Connector for the first time with Val and Ian on Sunday. It was a great trail. Lots of fun!

vja said...


Crux said...

Good to hear you've found love again!