Monday, May 16, 2011

Running for Cover

After two days off I decided to try an easy run on Sunday to see how the Achilles would react. I ran what I call the pit loop near my house with my son. The pit loop is combination road / trail and is 3.1 miles long.

This ends up being a nice loop for 5k training. My fastest time on this run is 21:29 .....That was a few years ago. last year my fastest was a much slower 23:49.  This is still a pretty good speed on a loop that is more than half single track and the 2nd mile is a pretty good hill.

The nice thing about this loop is a flat road finish which is about 7 tenths of a mile long ....makes for some good finishing sprints. This run though would end with no sprint or kick of any kind ( Achilles)

We started out and the rain came down hard enough to send most recreational runner for we actually enjoy the coolness of a run in the rain. I did have a problem with my glasses fogging up...hate that.

The run was the perfect length, the perfect pace and a great way to see how the Achilles was feeling. The splits really surprised me because the hill in the second mile was our fastest and the run felt pretty easy to me.
In the end, the Achilles was only slightly sore, so I think things are progressing quite well.

3.1 miles @ 26:44 (8:40 pace)
(7:45 for the last .1 ........OK, a Little speed up but still not a kick)

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mindy said...

Yay, the Achilles is feeling better! Great loop you have and ever greater that you get to run it with your son. Stay dry!