Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picking Up The Pace But Suffering

Ran Pineland last night, trying to pick up the pace to get a decent finish at the Barefoot 5K. I think I am pushing too hard or perhaps the combination of the Minimus shoes and the X-talon 212s are catching up to me. I suspect i will have to take things a bit easier for the next two weeks......not what I planned.

Last Thursday I ran a "race pace"  time trial on the 5K Pineland course (which continues to measure 3.4 miles) and ended with a Strong kick. After I ran a cool down of sorts and realized my left Achilles was a bit sore. I suspect a combination of the Minimus shoes and the sprinting.

I didn't think too much of it and most of the rest of the week it didn't bother too much, which was helped by a minmal weekend (running wise)

Monday I did my upper body/ gazelle workout and last night hit Pineland for another speed run. This time I ran on the east side and pushed the pace with progressively faster splits even though the second half of the run was more uphill.

I finished with a great kick but was hit with a nasty reminder in my left Achilles again. This time I was wearing the 212s instead of the Minimus hoping to guard against pushing the Achilles more. I felt the discomfort after the kick but instead of stopping I decided to continue for a couple miles at a somewhat slower pace to try and work out the kinks.

I am suffering a bit this morning and decided I need to scale things back a bit which is disappointing because I really felt strong running. the pace and kicks were starting to look pretty good.

Thursdays 3.4 (9:05 pace) pineland Campus loop


Yesterdays run  Pineland Oakhill loop
4 miles @8:59 pace
 8:45 (6:00 kick)
2 miles @9:41 pace
.5 mile cool down.

Today......very sore Archilles


middle.professor said...

Good running Kevin. I also get 3.4 miles for that course.

mindy said...

Hang in there Kevin. Hopefully this is just a little speedbump in the scheme of it all. Guess it's too soon for your pool to be open...there's always water running... Impressive kicks at the end of your runs!

vja said...

I hope you mend quickly.