Monday, April 25, 2011

Excellent (and they didn't even know it)

 Saturday was  trail maintenance with the Trail Monsters and they decided an early run at Pineland before would work well. Normally I don't make these runs for a couple reasons. One I have severe scheduling issues that cause me to end up running at times that are usually much different than the pack. Two, most times the average group is much faster than me and I don't like slowing them down.

I thought about this when contemplating a run on Saturday morning and because my schedule allowed I elected to join. I had a bright idea to use this run as a race pace sort of time trial. I figured if I could tag onto the groups faster pace and use it as a time trail for the Pineland 5k, I would have a better idea of my potential race day performance.

 The idea couldn't have worked better for me. I ran 10k race pace for the first two miles and was able to stay fairly close to the group. The third mile I turned it on to more like 5k pace transcending to fast finishing kick.
From that point I continued at about 10K pace to round it off to 5 miles.

 I then stopped back at the parking lot and switched over to the New Balance Minimus  and ran another 2.5 miles to see how they felt on the Pineland trails (felt great).  I ran this at more of a 10K pace then ended with a half mile cooldown, all this before the rain started.

5 mile run  45:16 (9:04 av pace) X-Talon 212

7:16......149-154 (kicking third mile of the 5k race pace ----time 27:20  and an av pace of 8:49)
 8:38.....155-159 (second kick)

2.5 mile run    24:56 (9:58 pace)


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vja said...

Kevin, I've used that approach training for the Bruiser. The regular pace to the faster TMs was a speed workout for me. Helped me PR! That's a couple fun runs in a row for you : )