Monday, June 14, 2010

I Read Jeff's Blog.....

 I am a little apprehensive about Mt Washington. Who wouldn't be, it's a big ass hill. Though I have hiked the trails many times, I have never run it before and only riding up the auto road once that I remember (which was at least 40 years ago) I have nothing in my mind to relate it to.

I have been reading Jeff's blog ( and boy is he ready. There is a guy who understands and knows how to train for a race. I feel ill-prepared compared to his training, though he is racing it and I am only running it.

Luckily for me, my goal is to make it to the top, be it walk, run or crawl. I feel I have the running base to guaranty at least that, besides, it will be a PR regardless of how long it takes me to reach the top. I do hope I have a Little bit left in the tank when I finish because my plan is to hike back down.

I am running this in memory of my dad. Though he was never a runner, when I was younger, we used to climb Mt Washington as a family. I have great memories and this race fell into exactly the right place for me to run it.

This years race falls on Father's day weekend, he died in June (1991)when he was 54 years old, I am 54 this year, one of the reasons I started running was to be in better shape and hopefully outlive my father (so far so good) as he grew up with bad eating habits and the huge mountain he climbed was with his weight as he yo-yoed with weight problems all his life.

At the same time I am locking my dad into my memory with this mountain run, I am creating great memories with my own son as he is volunteering at the base during the race. Perhaps he will run it it one day for me and start a family tradition.

My plan was to workout pretty heavy with core muscles and practice running slow hills(which I have done for the last few months). I purposely stayed away from speed workouts but didn't really get in the long runs I wanted. In the end , I hope I am ready. I suspect I will be hurting when I reach the top.

My last long run was Saturday and I must say I worked in some pretty tough hills and I am surprised to say they didn't feel that difficult at all. Of course they don't compare to Mt Washington but they did cause a calming feeling inside that should last for at least a mile at the race before the truth of the grade slaps me aside the head and wakes me up to reality.

Last weeks training highlights,
10 miles (backbay) 1:33:20 (9.19 pace)

Treadmill 3 miles @10% grade 36:29 (12:10 pace)

9 miles @1:42:34 (11:48 pace) avHR 138-max 153
Pit loop hill X2
Sweetser hills
Town Forest hill
Smith hill
Powerline hill
(total ascent 1108 feet)


Laurel said...

You'll do great! Almost everyone has to mix in some walking in that race, but remember to get yourself running again after each brief walk break! Also remember to enjoy yourself!

middle.professor said...

Kevin - what a nice tribute to your father. And you are racing it just like me - unless you're out there to be the first to the top, then we're racing against ourselves, which is the beauty of the sport. See you at the top.

Sparkplug said...

Kevin, you are going to do great out there, and I agree with Jeff, you are definitely racing!! And what a nice tribute to your father. Have a good race, and enjoy the hike down too! Can't wait to read your race report.