Monday, January 4, 2010

Long on Ambition, Not So Long on Results.

I decided, instead of waiting for the first of the year to begin my new and improved running schedule that is to be coupled with some quality cardio/weight/ab workouts and plastered with many long trail runs, I would start the week before.

Sure seemed like a good way to start and with plenty of time during the three day weekend, I would surely get in a couple long trail runs. Hey why put off what you can do today...right?

On paper it looked awful good and made plenty of sense. There is no doubt, if I am going to gear up for some PRs and at least one or two ultras in 2010, I better get cracking on the long runs.

I stunk of raw ambition and actually was impressed with my plan, I would send the word SPEED packing for a couple months and just concentrate on a good runing base. There was no doubt that 2010 would easily surpass my running high this year of 1140 miles.

It all sounds good in theory but I am also realistic, I know there will always be interference and priorities when the job and families are factored in. Of course my training schedule would have to be pliable.

Coming off a very short Christmas week of only 4.5 miles running, I would not have to accomplish much to feel like I have made progress. Though I didn't match my ambition, I did get in a pretty solid week to begin the new year.

Friday was not a very good start, I stayed up late the night before and a morning run just didn't seem to be part of my new year vocabulary. It's not that I was lazy or anything as I did do all my shoveling and plowing, and kept saying I would get the run in later.....later just never materialized.

Saturday I finally got out on the snowshoes and it didn't take me long to remember how taxing it is to run on them. The added weight along with the change in stride pushed my heart rate up very quickly and I found myself stopping and walking quite a bit.

Sunday had me plowing in the morning and again with all the shoveling (this covered my weight/ab workout for the day) The conflict came with the day wearing on and having two desires, watch the Patriots and get in a long run. Well the solution was running on the treadmill and I was fine with that.

My original ambitious plan was to double up on long trail runs of 8-12 miles, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't pull that off but still was able to get in a couple good runs to finish off the week with a decent total.

Weeek recap:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning: cardio/weight/ab workout 2 mile run

Thursday afternoon: 5 mile tempo, 1 mile hill & half mile cooldown.

Saturday:Snowshoe run/walk 1:20:13 4.5 miles.

Sunday:8.25 long run(treadmill)... 6 mile tempo,1.5 mile hill(10%grade), .75 cooldown (total 1:40:02)

Weeek total 25.8 miles


Dan said...

Kevin, are you coming down for the Fat A$$?

Al Nye said...

The way they played, you could have skipped watching the Pats!