Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Love Winter..But I'm Craving Spring

My running plan this winter is distorted by a new approach that seems a lot like a convex mirror image of my dreams. I know the result will be there, but the here and now is not feeling like much of an accomplishment.

In lieu of junk miles, I am working with weights and strengthening the core through ab workouts. I can't say that I have felt much of a difference when running but I did notice that I had no lame muscles Saturday after shoveling a 75 foot roof packed with three feet of snow.

My winter schedule really sucks as I only have time for outdoor runs on the weekend and lately even that has been a struggle to fit in. My best laid plans tend to melt right before my eyes as the weekend draws near.

This weekend will be no different as I am in Boston on Saturday and have a scheduling glitch I am trying to repair that will probably stop me from participating in the Fatass on Sunday. Perhaps I can at least get a few miles in, we will see.

I keep telling myself not to worry about it as I am only running for base right now, but as usual, I don't listen to myself very wife say's I don't listen to her I say join the club!

Update since the last report:

Morning workout 1.5 miles
morning workout 4 miles
afternoon easy trail 3 miles
Bradbury long trail run (cut short) 4 miles.
morning workout 2 miles
morning workout 2 miles
morning workout 2 miles.
Evening run 3 mile tempo, 1 mile hill, 1 mile easy hill

My only chance for a long run was Sunday at Bradbury Mountain and honestly, with the soft snow trail conditions and the things I should have been doing looming over my head, I just wasn't feeling it and cut the run short. I can't say it was satisfying or enjoyable.

Todays entry brings up an important question though......didn't I learn anything during my post last weekend? I thought I did, Perhaps I should go back and read it over and over until it sinks in.

I think I need spring....something about daylight that makes me feel good.....


Laurel said...

Winters in northern new england are tough. Just be happy to keep some sort of base fitness going and keep in mind...Spring is coming!!!

RunninRob said...

Hi Kevin,

Yeah, my training has also been feast or famine. Fortunately, when I am able to feast, I am pigging out and getting as much mileage as my wife and kids will allow. I tend to think if we are doing something we at least keep the pump primed for when the thaw eventually comes.