Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No News Is Not Always Good News

Some days I sit at my desk and can almost feel the fat multiplying around my midsection. I didn't have the normal bounce in my step and though I usually run up the stairs when going to the stock room, I merely walked up them today.

It is funny how numerous days of good exercise does not discount the guilt of one lazy day. Our bodies seem to be geared toward the latter, when I am running hard or working out the body cries and complains but when I am lazing around, it is happy as a clam .......Oh, I might get the occasional "we should be doing something" but no drive to change things.

I waited in anticipation today to get word about the lottery for Boston Marathon.....No news is usaually considered good news but in this case I think it is not so good news as I didn't hear anything about the winners. I suspect the winners are the first to know.

I didn't actually realize how excited I was about this chance until the day wore on and I started preparing myself to believe I wasn't one one the lucky ones. The more hours that ticked by, the lazier I felt. Perhaps it was a mini depression or maybe just football lag from watching the game Sunday night, but surely I was not feeling too energetic.

I felt for sure when I got home and threw on the running clothes, I would cheer up but I felt like a criminal as I had to break the news to my wife that we should turn in our lease car. I had thought about it long and hard. Did it make sense to keep it with the economy in the hopper and winter lurking?

It is a beautiful car and my wife just loves it. The lease is up this month and we would have to finance it to keep it. My heart says "lets do it" but my analytical brain is screaming "what...are you crazy!"

We have two other vehicles and she acually doesn't drive the car in the winter. That proves how special it is to her yet also proves that we don't need it. It is so humbling to say we can't afford it, yet in this unstable economy, we really can't. It is a luxury to have the opportunity to give it back.......but we don't want to.

So, even though it seems people only write in their running blog when they run, I felt it unfair to my non running day to be dormant. Things need to be aired reguardless. OK...so that means I didn't throw on the running clothes and did just laze around all evening. Is that so bad?

As I was preparing to hit the sack, I became increasingly mad at myself for not getting in my planned run. The weather was fantastic (for November) and it was a clear night. I would have easily dulled the days discouragements with a nice evening run.

I found myself asking, does one really need to be running around the woods, climbing rocks ledges, sliding down sand pit walls,negotiating trails and roads to be healthy? I found the answer a bit enlightening. I don't need to be doing those thing to stay healthy, there are many ways to stay in shape ........But I WANT to do those things. I choose to because it has somehow become part of me.

IN the end, the day was not lost after all as I dreampt about a nice trail run with some friends ........and a great run it was.


Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

Kevin, my fingers are still crossed that you get a Boston number, I feel guilty that I have the opportunitya to run it for the second year in a row.


RunninRob said...

You story of one day is like the week for me, I sit at my desk at work and feel the same way, only to get home and eat dinner and just relax, knowing it is cold and dark outside. Then race weekends show up and I am feeling guilty. Plus my lower abs are effected by sitting at a desk all day, so I feel like running would just put more strain on that area. Thankfully the squats and speed work I have been doing infrequently have helped keep me somewhat capable to race a little bit. I just really, really miss training for the endurance races I love so much, but abs won't let me go longer than 45 to an hour.

Keep your head up, there are plenty of us out here lazying around right with you! Hmmm... I wonder if the kids have any more Halloween Candy left!? :-)