Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I hate being slapped

Sunday after the long tiring run, I was totally exhausted. It seemed at the time that I shouldn't be this tired. Yeah I ran further than I probably should have as my longest long run up till then was 9 miles.

But I ran a lot slower and I took a couple days off before Sunday to be sure I had rested legs. When I got home from the race and stepped out of my truck, the legs were very stiff and I started coughing ---a lot.

I assumed that the cough was because of the 2 1/2 hours running in the cold temps...sucking in all that cold air. It almost felt like the cough I get on cold track workouts when I have not cooled down properly.

What didn't help was that an hour after I got home I was strapping on the snowshoes to treck over to the building next door to clean the snow off the roof. My legs really didn't like the trip as the snow is so deep. Picking the legs strait up to walk forwad was tough.

The coughing became progressively worse as the day wore on and the body energy was dwindling. The was no doubt now that some sickness has slapped me asside the head! By bed time it was apearant that the cough was a sorethroat coming on. I read somewhere than when you wear your body down through extensive exercise the immune system supresses and sickness can develope.

Perhaps that is what happened as I didn't feel sick at all until after the race. Then the next day when I felt tired and sore I couldn't tell if it was from the running 16 miles Sunday or the sickness....perhaps a combination of both.

I guess I'll take a couple days off and see how I feel (cough..cough)


Dan said...

Kevin, that sounds exactly like what happened to me last month. I was feeling great until I went from an 8 mile run to an 18 mile run. Got a bad cough the next day and had a bad cold for 3.5 weeks. Take it easy so it doesn't get out of hand.

Drusy said...

Uh-huh, been there, done that. I've always been told that one can't get a cold from the cold, its a virus! But I do after a stressful cold experience. I got a really nasty one after a freezing night camping before christmas. Take care of yourself!