Thursday, February 12, 2009

A beautiful sunfilled NOT run

I spent quite a bit of the day today outside. I couldn't help it! The snow was melting, water dripping off the roof and a warm tingling sensation grew at every spot the sun touched. One Damn beautiful day.

I found every excuse I could to leave my desk and venture outside. That spring like air would hit me and all I wanted was to go for a run. Of course I couldn't and I just suffered with the desire. I thought perhaps I would get out before the rain started and enjoy the warm air.

It was not to be in the cards today and I did not have a sunfilled run....hence the title. It was starting to rain on my way home and the chill crept back in. It was not all that bad as I planned interval training tonite anyway and that is difficult on the dark slippery the treadmill was feeling wanted and special tonight.

I did a decent warmup then ran 2x800 and 4x400 with .1 recovery jogs. I set the treadmill at 4% grade and 6 mph. This allowed me to hug the 7:20-7:30 pace and though that is normally slow for me with short intervals like this, I felt it big time. I had no desire to go any faster. My body was quite happy with the slower run during my mile and a half cool down at 9:20 pace.

Apearantly I have been spending too much time this winter running slow miles as my fast twitch muscles and my cardio level did not appreciate the faster pace. I think I will have to get cranking on the speed if I want a good showing at the Irish Rover in March. I fear it will not be a PR event this year.

I feel I am not in the sprinting shape I had hoped for when contemplating my training for the winter. I now have the tough task of pushing myself to accept that horrible feeling of running too fast. Otherwise I will not do well in the 5ks.

Perhaps it is too much to ask for while training for the 50K? Can I accomplish both, a long grueling 50k and still sprint some PRs? Does one realm of training discount the other or support it?

I guess at this point I have to concentrate on training well enough to just finish the 50K nevermind worry about speed or time. I sometimes find myself wondering why I want to put myself through that. Why make myself run a times I am excited then there are days that I don't understand why I signed up. I don't think that is normal, most ultra runners I talk to are itching to get on those long races. They don't seem to ever doubt their desires.

When I start my long runs I am excited about the ultra and can't stop thinking about it.....then as I become more and more tired, I start doubting myself and my capabilities. I remember biting at the bit to start the 25K last year but struggling when the last couple miles almost got the best of me. I came dangerously close to a DNF......That is one dirty word as I have never had one.

Perhaps I am just a bit worried as I have signed up for the possibility of a great accomplishment but at the same time a huge potential to have my first DNF. I guess it is that unknown that causes one to question their capabilities.

2x800, 4x400 with .10 recovery jogs between
1.5 cooldown and .50 warm up
Total miles 4.8

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